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Independent reports

AWTA: Crush Resistance

Testing by: AWTA Product Testing

Product: Simpull Box

Test Procedure:
Taped up boxes were placed under a crushing plate operated by a tensile tester with the load at yield point recorded.

"No discernible difference in crushing resistance between perforated and non-perforated product."

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Survey Monkey: Perceived Value

Performed by: Survey Monkey

Product: Current SRP vs Simpull Shelf-Ready [Chocolate Biscuits]

Survey Procedure:
119 respondents in the USA (presumably unfamiliar with the Australian biscuits) were asked how much they would pay for one packet of biscuits displayed in the Simpull Shelf-Ready packaging. They were then asked the same question for the current messy SRP.

The Simpull Shelf-Ready packaging was found to have an average 21.97% higher perceived value with respondents than the current messy SRP.

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